Preparing Trees
For Harvest

Harvesting Preparation

The basis for all our harvest planning and preparation is to have certainty about what the end result will be. This requires a full analysis of each client’s situation and then to make informed decisions.

The Laurie Forestry team often starts months, sometimes years ahead preparing plans with its clients before harvest.

Planning and preparation for harvest should include:

  • Establishing permanent sample plots in order to measure stand performance.
  • Undertaking pre-harvest volume and value assessment study.
  • Selecting the best-selling/marketing options for the project.
  • Ensuring competitive pricing plan for all elements is undertaken.
  • Evaluating the current market and forest valuation.
  • Understanding the bottom line.
  • Measuring the potential risks.
  • Ensuring Health and Safety standards and environmental regulations are complied with.

Use Laurie Forestry to maximise the returns from your forest or woodlot harvest:

  • Get the best return on your investment.
  • Have certainty about the outcome.
  • Have a range of marketing options available.
  • Remove the “middle men” in export sales.
  • Have the minimum exposure to risk.
  • Deal with honest, transparent and professional people.