Pre 1990 Forests &

Pre 1990 Forests

If your land had forest planted on it before 1990 (regardless of whether the current crop was planted then), you have automatically become a mandatory participant in the ETS. Therefore you should consider the following points prior to harvesting the timber.

  • All Pre 1990 forest land must be replanted after harvest or a deforestation liability is incurred.
  • Replanting can occur up to 4 years after harvest.
  • The new species choice and planting density must be at a level that results in a forest. Click here for the definition of a forest.
  • If the land is not replanted within four (4) years a deforestation penalty is incurred. This penalty will equate to the requirement to surrender sufficient credits to the Crown based on the pre 1990 deforestation lookup tables. Contact us about how you go about calculating the deforestation liability.

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