Preparing trees for harvest, maximising forestry returns and harvesting preparation are all categories that Laurie Forestry Ltd can provide strategic marketing advice on. Radiata Pine log sales continue to be strong to both the International and Domestic customer markets. Laurie Forestry Ltd has developed a significant reputation for being able to market a wide range of species for maximum return. This emphasises their ability to yield maximum results for growers with established high value tree species.

Domestic sales are on-going and remain a key component of Laurie Forestry’s
operations. Where possible, the business will provide product in volume to local sawmills as a priority. Many domestic sawmill operations have been customers of Laurie Forestry Ltd for over 20 years.

Marketing Options for your Trees?

  • Managed Sales – This is our most popular service.
    The process is managed from harvesting the standing forest to the customer in NZ, China, India or South Korea.
  • Lump Sum Purchase – This removes all the risks.
    We have buyers actively looking to purchase standing forests that are ready for harvest.
  • Guaranteed Minimum Returns – This gives you peace of mind.
    Contracts guarantee a minimum return and still benefit from any upturn in the market.
  • Selling Forward – This plans the harvesting and sales process ahead of time.
    You can secure forward contracts which gives certainty around execution, buying markets and sometimes even value.

Laurie Forestry prides itself on consistently achieving the best possible outcomes both operationally and financially for our clients.

Our Forestry business operates throughout the South Island with offices in Waimate and Christchurch.