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Advising on and Managing Forest and Woodlots

Laurie Forestry Limited is a forestry consulting and management company focused on the planting, growing, havesting and marketing of New Zealand forests and woodlots for the export and domestic market.

Growing forests and woodlots is a long term investment. Make sure you get the right advice and the excellent services you deserve. If you are not already one of our many clients or customers, give us a call or go to our contacts page.

35+ Years

We are proud to be a company that has, for over 35 years, provided services to the forest industry.

Laurie Forestry Services

We manage many diverse projects including a wide range of species for a wide range of clients. Production Forests and Woodlots are an important component of what we do. We also manage Native species projects in non-production settings


Providing the right advice at a fair and reasonable cost is something that we pride ourselves in.

Establishing Forests & Woodlots

We can manage all aspects of your forest. No matter what stage your forest or woodlot is at, its our business to ensure that from the moment we are engaged.


We provide a comprehensive range of services for private owners of forests and woodlots in New Zealand. We can assist you from the initial planning and planting phase.

Harvesting & Log Sales

We manage wood flows from multiple sources to multiple destinations, including both domestic and export markets.

Working South Island Wide

Our Forestry business operates throughout The South Island with offices in Waimate and Christchurch.

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Laurie Forestry Limited is extremely proud to have helped Kiwis all over New Zealand to manage their forest journey and make the most of their land. It is both humbling and encouraging when we receive feedback from our clients. See what some of our clients have to say below.

Planting for The Future

Laurie Forestry prides itself on consistently achieving the best possible outcomes both operationally and financially for our clients.

The only way forward for climate and country is to get out there and plant more trees.

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The only way forward for climate and country is to get out there and plant more trees.