Safe Tree

About Safetree Certification

Laurire Forestry is proud to be certified by Safetree the one-stop resource to find the safety information to do forestry jobs safely and without injury.

Safetree provides programmes and resources to help people run safe and successful forestry operations. Safetree is run by the Forest Industry Safety Council (FISC), a pan-industry body set up to lead harm prevention efforts in forestry. FISC includes representatives of forest owners, forest managers, contractors, farm foresters, ACC, WorkSafe, unions and workers. People from across the sector are involved in developing Safetree’s initiatives. FISC’s creation was a recommendation of the 2014 Independent Forestry Safety Review. and Safetree’s programmes are based on the review’s recommendations. Read the 2014 Independent Forestry Safety Review [PDF 1.3MB] Safetree is funded by the Forest Growers Levy Trust and ACC.

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