Managing Harvesting

Managing Harvest Operation

Our dedicated team of Plantation Forestry practitioners are committed to providing a service that ensures harvest operations are managed professionally.

Managing the process between the forest and the customer is often complex and involves many elements that require our inputs.

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After the “green button” is pushed to initiate harvest, our typical services include:

  • Arranging sales of log types that are present in the forest or woodlot.
  • Arranging any engineering elements, including roads, landings and creek crossings, we normally finance all pre- harvest engineering costs as a component of engagement.
  • Engaging competent, professional and efficient contractors.
  • Completing a pre-harvest meeting on site to determine all operational elements including hazard identification and management.
  • Preparing cut plans that provide the link between forest or woodlot and customer.
  • Managing harvesting and transport operations.
  • Providing dedicated woodflow management via a logging truck dispatch and tracking system.
  • Managing documentation and processing.
  • Ensuring credit control and payments.
  • Ensuring Health and Safety standards and environmental compliance.
  • Organising clearing and replanting of you forest or woodlot.

If your priorities for us managing your forest or woodlot harvest include:

  • Getting the best possible return.
  • Having certainty about the outcome.
  • Having the least possible hassles.
  • Having a team deal with all elements without fuss.
  • Having the least possible risk.
  • Knowing health and safety compliance elements are managed.
  • Knowing environmental compliance elements are managed.
  • Dealing with a team this is honest, transparent and professional.