Forest Silviculture (pruning and thinning)

Over the past 100 years the silviculture management of forests has changed dramatically.

1920’s – 50’s.  The early emphasis of forest management was to simply grow wood to replace the indigenous forest harvest which was seen to be a finite resource.

1960’s -80’s.  There was a shift to intensive pruning and thinning of forests to create wider spacing between trees and growing higher quality clear wood timber.

1990’s – current. There is now more selective pruning and thinning regimes than previously. With forest owners now recognising that site, markets, rainfall and soils all have a strong influence in terms of determining both the quality of trees and the return on their investment.

Laurie Forestry supports forest management plans that take all aspects of the forestry industry into account.

But the starting point for any forestry project will always be to determine the key objectives in growing a tree crop. This can then be aligned to the unique factors of site.  The management plan will ensure prudent expenditure is undertaken with a sensible, profitable return on the investment at sale.

Laurie Forestry Limited can help to identify, plan and implement superior silviculture practices which include;
  • Developing a clear understanding of your forest project objective.
  • Determining factors of site, aspect, terrain, rainfall and soils to ensure the objective is achievable.
  • Developing a cashflow plan based on the forest management plan.
  • Organising contracts and contractors to undertake forest operations.
  • Undertaking quality assurance, which includes gathering stand data and maintaining stand records.
  • Ensuring compliance with all regulations, standards and rules is maintained.

We can provide you with a silviculture plan for your a variety of tree species- Pinus radiata pine, Macrocarpa, Monterey cypress Leyland cypress, Western Red Cedar, Redwood, Ash Oak and Elm

Our Forestry business operates throughout Canterbury, North Canterbury, South Canterbury Otago, Marlborough, West Coast with offices in Waimate, Christchurch and Blenheim.