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Lets take a quick brutally honest look at our industry:
Forestry has had a mixed reputation for consistently being able to provide growers a reasonable return.  Prices have fluctuated significantly creating “an on again off again” roller coaster ride for all involved.

Our industry (like most) has had several examples of poor service delivery and some less than professional operators over the last few years.

At an international level, for wood commodities, NZ is generally a price taker although in the likes of China we are a major softwood log supplier.

We (the forest industry) have a “not so great track” record with how smart we have been in the marketing of our wood products including both logs and lumber.  This includes consistently competing with each other in the same markets.  This combined with an inability to manage wood flow is seeing prices being driven up when demand is good and down when it is not.

Future wood demand and availability in the international context is consistently showing forests are being depleted at a far great rate than they are being planted.  The future for NZ forestry is extremely bright but we need to get smarter about how we are operating.

We cannot control the world - but we can provide a level of service which ensures our clients achieve the best possible outcomes.

  • The Laurie Forestry Limited portfolio of service includes ensuring people get the right advice, make informed decisions and then execute a project without any nasty surprises.
  • Our continuing role and commitment to our clients is to ensure all services are provided honestly and professionally.
  • We are working with key players in the International context to develop systems and process’s which “cut out the middle men”, reduce costs and consistently deliver for the forest owner and the end user.

We have experience with many types of tree species, including; Pinus radiata pine, Macrocarpa, Monterey cypress, Leyland cypress, Western Red Cedar, Redwood, Ash Oak and Elm .

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