Preparing land to plant trees

Laurie Forestry manages all land preparation work not matter what the size or location of the project.

We recommend using land preparation practices that do not impinge on the environment and, as a general rule, do not support burning of weeds or forest residues.

The practices we engage for land preparation one or more of the following:-
  • Clearing by wind rowing with excavators
    This method of land preparation ensures the most likely survival and growth opportunities for a new tree crop.
  • Clearing forest harvest debris for replanting
    Clearing as little as needed to minimise soil disturbance, helps minimise future weed growth.
  • Aerial Spraying
    Weed aerial sprays, used safely, are ideal solutions for weed control.
  • Grazing with stock
    This ensures sites are cleared enough to allow for spot spraying to control weeds and grasses.
  • Cultivation
    Our purpose built wing tyned ripper is available for hire and can be fixed behind a 120+ horse power tractor.