Tree Planting

Laurie Forestry has a large portfolio of client projects which involve researching, planning and managing planting operations. 

With over 25 years leading the industry and managing hundreds of planting crews, clients are assured the best practices are implemented. Call on our experts to prepare a plan outlining the preferred species choices and mixes for your unique block of land.

All planting programmes are developed and managed based on the following:-
  • Determining key objectives
    Laurie Forestry helps make species choices and prepares a management plan based on individual client objectives
  • Species choices
    We ensure the choice of tree species is suited to the site.
  • Planting
    We engage professional planting contractors for optimal seedling survival.
  • Release spraying
    We ensure the correct use, and application of, chemicals to control weeds and grasses.
  • Survival counting
    All Laurie Forestry planting operations see us undertake a survival count and report early in the year following planting.
  • Protection 
    We ensure stock, pests and vermin numbers are reduced until the trees are well established.