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If you want advise or assistance with Forests or woodlots - you have come to the right people. Below are some of the areas we can help you with. (Click on the text to be taken to the section)


Is your forests or woodlot insured? Is there any need to insure them?  If so, what is the right level of cover?

These common questions faced by forest and woodlot owners and are ones that we can demystify.
Laurie Forestry can;
  • arrange cover
  • review existing cover
  • make cover recommendations throughout the lifespan of your tree crop

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Project Planning and Feasibility

From understanding what the entirity of the project involves to determining if the land you are looking at is appropriate, these things require expert input to avoid unnecessary expense or risk.

Laurie Forestry can help at any stage in your project. From land selection to species recommendations, to undertaking a in-depth financial analysis.

Avoid unnecessary risk, talk to us first!

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Management Plans

How forests and woodlots are managed can make a significant impact on your financial return. Laurie Forestry prides itself on designing the optimal management plans which include ensuring the management regime matches the land, its location and your budget.  

Getting the right advice at the outset is the only way to avoid costs and ensure what you want to achieve is both practical and workable.

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Cashflows and Budgets

Understanding the short, medium and long term costs, and how you will finance them, is essential for any scale project to reach fruition.

Laurie Forestry has proven experience in helping clients plan and manage cashflow without compromising on quality. Our focus is to help you grow the best timber and to get the greatest return with minimum expense and stress.

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Due Diligence

Before any commitment is made it is vital that everyone involved in a forestry investment undertakes due diligence.

Laurie Forestry helps you make the right choice and that the risks associated with your investment are clearly understood.

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Resource Consents

From undertaking research on environmental rules that impact on your project to negotiating with stakeholders and working with district and territorial authorities, you will need professional guidance.

Laurie Forestry can assist from permitted activities to fully notified consents. Our experienced staff can be part of, or in complete control of, the project from start to finish.

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Joint Ventures & Cutting Rights

Without exception, having sound agreements that ensure all parties understand their obligations and responsibilities over the long term, is essential.

Laurie Forestry has extensive experience in putting together joint ventures and cutting right agreements. We have done this for others as well as having been involved in investing in projects ourselves. As a result, our understanding is comprehensive and can help investors as well as growers.

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Advice on Forest Marketing

Marketing is more than simply finding a willing buyer at the time you want to sell.

Laurie Forestry can help you decide which selling option, into which market, is the best for your unique situation. Whether you have a semi-mature woodlot or forest or a standing mature crop of trees, you can rely on our experience and expertise to get you the best return.

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Advice on Planting & Managing Trees

How to plant, when to plant, where to plant and what to plant are extremely important decisions.

Laurie Forestry offers all potential clients onsite visits. During this visit we prepare a project review which would involve suggesting species choice and management plan that fits your objectives, site and cashflow.

A one hour site visit could help save you significant money. Call Laurie Forestry to ensure you get the best advice from the leading forestry professionals.

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Forest Valuations

There are a number of reasons why trees, forests, woodlots and commercial timberbelts may need to be valued. These include;
  • Asset management
  • Sale and purchase
  • Change of shareholders
  • Restructuring of share allocation
  • Dispute resolution
  • Matrimonial settlement
  • Annual reports
With Laurie Forestry be assured that all field data is undertaken by qualified foresters, formal valuations are prepared to the national standards and overseen by the NZ Institute of Forestry.

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Carbon Trading

The Emissions Trading Scheme may appear like a straight forward opportunity to increase your  forestry return, however there are a number of elements that need to be understood and managed to achieve that outcome.

Talk to Laurie Forestry about the Emissions Trading Scheme and how it affects you.

We can help execute the following:
  • Registering a forest project
  • Developing a management plan
  • Quantifying carbon emissions
  • Arranging Sales of NZU's or AAU's.
Learn more about Emissions Trading here

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Our Forestry business operates throughout Canterbury, North Canterbury, South Canterbury Otago, Marlborough, West Coast with offices in Waimate, Christchurch and Blenheim.