Macrocarpa (Cupressus macrocarpa)

Macrocarpa is a native of the Monterey Peninsula in California and is sometimes referred to as Monterey Cypress. It is grown throughout NZ with original trees planted for shelterbelts and small blocks. More recently larger blocks have been established on farms and forests.

In the 1970's there was around 1,000 hectares of Macrocarpa in New Zealand, by 2010 that had grown to almost 10,000 hectares.

Statistics suggest the current sustainable cut is estimated at around 20,000 cubic metres a year, which means Laurie Forestry's lumber division manages a staggering 7 – 8% of the national annual cypress lumber cut.

Our lumber is milled from trees sourced throughout the South Island and our selection process means we are consistently finding good-quality timber, including high-end clear grades.

We have supplied the majority of the lumber you will find in most refitted Hunting and Fishing Stores in the South Island. We also supply house-lots or timber for high-end homes together with house-lots of weatherboards.

We also specialise in large beams up to 7.5 metres long and large dimension lumber up to 500x500mm. All lumber is finished with high quality band saws.
For projects requiring over 1,000 lineal metres, we recommend you contact us early to ensure we can mill, dry and supply to your specific requirements.

Current dry stocks available include;
  • Clears 1 and 2
  • Dressing
  • Merchant
  • Decking
  • Weatherboard.
  • Panelling